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Scoochie & Skiddles in Fun at Gramma's

Written by: Tom Tracy

Illustrated by: Dustin James

Age Range: 6 years +

Page Count: 32

What to expect: An adorable story that will certainly bring back memories, or for those younger, counting down to go back to Gramma's again!

Scoochie and Skiddles are two cousins that go on an adventure to a Princess Palace that just happens to be at Gramma's house! The girls spend the day together, along with Gramma, and get the royal treatment, from dancing at the ball, to attending a tea party. It is the 'best day ever' until Scoochie is told it is time to go home. Good thing Gramma is near by as she has not only a surprise for Scoochie, but gives a hug that, makes every thing all better!

I enjoyed the nostalgia of this book, as it brought me back to when I was little going to my Pappy's house. The story is what a visit to Gramma's house looks like- a creative and adventurous day, that nobody wants to see end. The pictures are beautifully illustrated that are sure to keep the attention of anyone who reads this book!

I would give this book 5/5 Warrior Stars!

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